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Important Updates Ahead!

Hello! ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

  • From February 9th to February 17th. Orders placed from February 5th to February 17th will be delayed because of the 3-7 business days production time. We will still still be available to answer inquiries via the chat or email.

New products and designs will also be added soon!

We may start watermarking our images

  • Unfortunately as stated before not everyone who comes to our website are genuine in their intentions and we have blocked them. We have caught another but this time they tried copying the whole of our Haygoodies website and I'm unsure of how much of our products have been taken before we managed to stop them. This is something we will be actively pursuing and taking action. Watermarking isn't our favourite but in order to deter, this is something we have to do. 

Thank you again for all the support and trust in us and we hope to bring you more quality products!

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